Olivia is an award winning director and strictly analogue photographer who is allergic to pixels and in love with the alchemy of film. Her work has been acquired by the National Portrait Gallery for their permanent collection and she has an enviable list of both commercial and editorial clients.

Preferring to think of herself as a sociologist than a photographer or director, Olivia is of the school of thought that subject is key. Technology was never the allure, rather the people she’s met along the way that have – and continue to – inspire her work.

“She is leading a new wave of photographic talent who are championing personality and character via the unknown, the unique and the ugly. Channelling her innovative aesthetic through her photography with fearless vigour, Olivia is not only confronting the industry with the idea of imperfection, but also with issues of racism and classism attached to her work – issues that continue to flourish in institutions and society today.” Charlotte Harding for British Journal of Photography

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i-D Meets: New Gen Photographers


An oldie but a goodie, this video is the reason some people stop me in the street and ask me if i’m Olivia Rose. Mans famous, init.


Podcast: Thinking Big


I caught up with one of my very faves, Maisie Williams, on her podcast “Thinking Big” and we covered everything from therapy to womanhood.